Webshop development and maintenance

For those companies that sell products / services, we recommend our webshop solution. An efficient, streamlined system will be introduced to help you find more and more satisfied customers.

In today's hectic world it is essential that a company does not appear on the Internet. To do this we help the companies, which for lack of adequate resources and / or time for a company presentation site preparation.

For companies that are product / service sales deal with the solutions we offer our webshop. Thus, to serve their customers an efficient, seamless system is introduced, which more and more satisfied customers know of ownership.

Webshop design of custom applications on demand is feasible that the webshop

  • items' list
  • price of the items
  • quantities of the products

automatically refreshed with an external database. Such applications are typically an already existing article, stock inventory and billing software.

In addition, the web shop selling orders data (articles, buyer, price) can be transferred automatically to the billing software, if it is able to receive such information.