Wesite design and maintenance

  • Security firm
  • Ötvös sírkő (Burial Firm)
  • Steiner Villa (Apartmans at Balaton Lake in Hungary)
  • Corner Pub és Restaurant: Corner Pub and Restaurant is waiting it's Guests at Kaposvar: Dinner, events, conference, reunion, banquet, wedding banquet for the purpose. Reservation and private room is available.
  • Trattoria La Prima Ristorante: the best pizzeria in Kaposvár.
  • Kaposvári Reklámpont: Kaposvar and surrounding best deals in one place! Fresh, current promotions, services, continuously renewable content! Wedding suppliers in one place! Download discount coupons, the foundation area of useful information. It's all about advertising Kaposvári Reklámpont! 
  • Petikert 2013 Kft: PetiKert 2013 kft is your partner seed, grass seed, and all other areas, which is essential in a garden.
  • Minden Ami Balaton: accommodations, attractions, events, tours, restaurans and shopping of the Lake Balaton 

Webshop development and maintenance


  • Korona Kft: Gastronomy webshop with more then 2300 products, with pictures and descriptions.


  • Peti-Kert 2013 Kft: Horticulture webshop with more than 600 products from Agrosel, Agroterm, Biopon, Bros, Kwizda Agro, Substral, Syngenta and Vegyimester

Beverage wholesalers

  • Csépe és Társai Kft: The master data and the stock levels of the webshop are refreshed every night based on the invoicing system of the company. The orders from the webshop are uploaded and syncronized with the invoicing system in every 10 minutes by an background process. The orders in the invoicing system are the base of the delivery and the real invoicing process. As soon as the orders are uploaded to the invoicing system the webshop sends and email confirmation to the shopper that his/her order is available at the main location of the company.

    An Windows based application was developed to the sales persons as well. With this application they can access the master data of the webshop in those regioins of the country where there is no mobile internet access. The database of the application is syncronized with the webshop at every morning. The sales person can register the orders on his/her netbook immediately and later he/she can send it/them to the webshop via mobile internet. The remaining process of these orders are the same with those orders which were entered on the web directly.

Computer store

  • Gigabyte Informatika szaküzlet: The master data, category structure, prices and stock levels are synconized with the database of the main supplier using SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) web services. The master data are syncronized in every nights with an scheduled php application. The stock levels and the prices are syncronized in every 2 hours with an background php job.



  • Le Bistroyal: pizzas, main courses, daily and weekly menus available in the online shop at Kaposvár.

Application development